7 Tips For Choosing Your Ideal Retreat

Choosing your Ideal Retreat is a process I would like to help you with because I am a fan, as it was through participating in various Retreats that I made the deepest and most transformative discoveries about myself, promoting the Personal Growth I desired. Having experienced the immense benefits, I now look forward to helping you find the Retreat that aligns perfectly with your unique needs. It is essential to recognise that what resonates with me may not necessarily resonate with you, so my aim is to guide you to a retreat that can be truly transformative for your individual journey.
Let’s do it!

The Theme

It all starts here…
What do you want to work on?
The Theme fits your personality, experience and reality.
Does it make sense to do a couples retreat if you are not yet in a relationship? Or to do a silent retreat if you are not ready to leave social media?
For sure when a Theme catches Your attention… You will start to receive Signals… A Retreat will appear to You in a leaflet, in an Event on Social Media… In a Conversation…

The Facilitator

It is very important that you feel at ease with the Energy of the person organising the Retreat: you will spend a few hours or even days with this person… Listening to and following their proposals for work or exercises… Meditations or something else… At the very least you have to feel at ease with this person or at least identify with them.

Allow yourself to talk to her before you pay for that Retreat.

It’s better to have that meeting beforehand and feel… than to go on without knowing and then it’s a headache…

Full or partial immersion…

Some retreats offer total immersion (my favourite) and others allow you to return home at the end of the day.

Personally, I believe that the first option is more transformative, more evolutionary and allows a much deeper inner work.

It can sometimes be painful, but it is to grow… When we leave the bubble, our energies end up dispersed and the focus on Personal Development is always lost.

The duration

The longer the Retreat… the greater the expected Transformation of your Being…

You have Retreats that range from one day, a weekend, a week or even longer. Depending on your finances and what you are ready to Work on yourself, you will have adapted proposals…

The further away you go from your usual environment, the greater the Quantum Leap you will realise.

Number of participants

It seems like a futile question, but it is important because you will be sharing very personal and intimate matters… not everyone feels comfortable speaking in front of 30 people they don’t know and this will limit your personal evolution… Or maybe not, as you may like the idea of speaking to people who don’t know you.

You may prefer to start with a smaller group and then move on to a larger group, or the other way round… it’s really up to you…

Just make sure you feel comfortable… that’s the most important thing.

The location

It is imperative to know where it is located: in the countryside, near the sea, in the city? Depending on the location, you know if you will be able to walk in nature and enjoy what Mother Gaia offers you, benefit from her Beneficial Vibrational Energies… but also if the Retreat takes place close to your Home or far away and then you will have additional costs with Transport…

And if it is outside the country… Make sure you master the language: it would be a pity not to be able to enjoy the Retreat with all its subtleties.

The Food

By this I mean if food is included, or if it’s a shared meal, or if everyone brings their own food if you have to cook on site, if a catering company provides the food if you go out to eat at the restaurant… and also, if you have dietary restrictions? What are they?

The organisers need to be aware of all this and it seems obvious, but I’ve been on retreats where there was no such care and it can be embarrassing, especially for those with limitations.

I hope these tips have helped.

Allow yourself to ask me if there’s any other information I’ve forgotten.

Good Retreats!

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