Privacy Policy

Under the data protection legislation in force, between the company “SCULPTORS, Fitness & Wellness, Lda. “hereinafter referred to by its trade name “Sculptors” and the client under agreement to use the APP_I, both (Sculptors and the client) are jointly responsible for the treatment of data requested from the client whose purpose is the commercial relationship within the scope of services to promote Health, Wellness and Happiness contracted between the client and SCULPTORS, this being the lawfulness for the treatment of data requested from the holder and made available by him.

a) The Client of Sculptors is the partner who contracts the services of the APP_I platform, being in this commercial relationship the Joint Holder in the scope of the purposes and contents;

b) The User is the final consumer to whom the APP_I client will advertise and/or promote its services through APP_I;

c) “SCULPTORS, Fitness & Wellness, Lda.”, located at Zona Industrial de Loulé, Parque do Infante, Fração J, 8100-302 Loulé, with Fiscal Identification No. 514 922 230 is the Jointly Responsible Party in the scope of defining the means to be used for the creation and maintenance of the APP_I. The client is Jointly Responsible for defining the purposes and respective contents for which the APPI_I will be used;

d) The data requested to belong to this directory are: name, activity, VAT number (for invoice issuance), contact, email address, and photo (optional). The data requested in the online form are directed only to the e-mail: where they are treated by the administrative services of Sculptors;

e) Internally, on behalf of SCULPTORS, the data collected will be treated, with different levels of access, under professional secrecy and confidentiality, by its administrative services and managing partners;

f) At any time, the client has the right to ask the controller for access to his data, as well as the right to rectify them if necessary. Right to Information on how the data is handled. You have the Right to Object and the Right to Limitation of Processing. The holder Right in relation to automated individual decisions that Sculptors may develop. The data subject has the Right of Portability, and the Right to Erasure;

g) Regarding the payment service provider, the titleholders may choose to use Paypal (whose privacy policy can be consulted through the link: or credit card. The operator for the payment through credit card in Portuguese is Redunicre, whose privacy policy can be consulted here If you select the payment through credit card, the payment data that you provide will be provided to Redunicre. If the holder chooses international credit cards, you should consult the privacy policies of your bank;

h) After the end of the contract the given electronic address is retained by Sculptors for 1 year, for commercial purposes. The invoicing data is retained for 10 years;

i) SCULPTORS strives for a 100% digital process, so there will be no printing of documentation with personal data. The documents in digital support are eliminated digitally;

j) Sculptors is committed to the confidentiality of personal data requested from clients, so that technical and organizational measures will always be taken to comply with the Regulation, ensuring that the treatment of data is lawful, fair, transparent and limited to the legal purpose of the aforementioned contracting. Sculptors adopts appropriate measures to ensure the integrity of the data requested, as well as the privacy of its holders;

k) Sculptors has designated as EPD/DPO, Antonieta Guerreiro, who can be contacted at 965 892 011 and by email:;

l) Within the scope of outsourced services, Sculptors may transfer data to countries of the European Union, the European Economic Area and third countries, with the aim of complying with the legal purpose of the contract and in the interest of the holder, always ensuring compliance with the data protection regulation in force;

m) Externally, companies subcontracted for the following technical services, from which declarations of compliance with the RGPD have been requested, may also have access to customer data:

  • company that provides accounting services and has access to invoicing data;
  • software for customer management and invoicing;
  • company subcontracted to create the application “APP_I”, which may have access to existing data in the application. This company is also responsible for the acquisition of the servers where the site is hosted.
  • company for ON-Line Marketing production,
  • Antonieta Guerreiro, individual provider, in the scope of the RGPD with functions of Data Protection Officer who may have access through consultation to the customers’ data in the scope of periodic audits and who may be contacted at any time through the e-mail