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How to build a strong market presence, communicate with impact and get results at scale.

My obsession with “results” in life has been apparent from a very early age. Even though I grew up in a humble family background with scarce financial resources, it did not consolidate in me the false belief that life is unfair and everything that happens outside this spectrum is a matter of luck.

I quickly learnt that luck is the ability to combine opportunity with competence or, if we want to make it more philosophical, it is when competence meets opportunity.

This realisation awakened in me an unusual thirst for knowledge. Today I believe in and defend this ingredient as a fundamental part of education for a more prosperous and abundant world at all levels.

The work developed on these behavioural issues has made me realise that we all, without exception, seek the same thing – a life with more meaning, significance and full of results, whatever this word means to each of us.

The Prime Method - Manuel Manero
The prime method - manuel manero 2

My dedication to this topic led me to develop a method centred on communication and building our personal brand as a way to bring the dream to life!

The PRIME method

A method focused on 5 key areas responsible for the great results in our lives with a special focus here on digital. Does this mean that outside of digital, the method doesn’t work? No, but it loses some strength. In other words, we can’t extract the full potential if we’re not online. It’s as if I had a Ferrari in my hands, but I wasn’t prepared to go beyond 100 kilometres per hour.
But what does the acronym PRIME stand for?

1 – Presence 2 – Results 3 – Impact 4 – Method 5 – Scale (Escala – in Portuguese)

This is the journey that any personal brand must take when it takes control of its existence and decides to immortalise the name of its creator.
Let’s understand the definition behind each stage:

1 -Presence

It means accepting your identity as a differentiating factor of a unique presence in this existential plane we call life.
We are all born with genetic characteristics that make us unique, genuine, different, original, and human.

Receiving the gift of life as the gateway to the greatest adventure of our existence is something that cannot be left to chance, to the flavour of the wind. It must be interpreted with a sense of mission as if we were given the noble task of immortalising our name while we exist!
It is of vital importance to implement the pillar of Presence at the beginning of our journey of building and developing our personal brand Millionaire!

2 – Results

One of the most important parts of the whole process! Without them well-defined everything we do can seem vague, scattered and without much meaning.
Results are the fuel of consistency. Whenever we achieve results, our process gains momentum and progress becomes visible.
It is extremely important to know how to define what results we want to achieve with our activity. It is as if there were a lighthouse that guides part of what we do.

3 -Impact

What voice do you want the world to hear?
What truth do you stand for and why?
What would you like to hear from others when you are not there?
How would you like to be remembered the day you physically cease to exist?
These are some of the most uncomfortable questions you should ask yourself that will help you find your mission – your Impact.
If the result is an intrinsic movement, the impact is something extrinsic. Something that, as a consequence of our results, transforms, improves, and adds to those close to us or those who find themselves in our words.
That is why it is so important to do our part well. Realise that the development of others depends on the impact that our message can have on them.

4 – Method

This is the part that ensures that nothing (or very little) fails. To depend on the enthusiasm that each of us experiences or temporarily goes through is to throw our “luck” to fate – with all that it may represent for one.
To fully assume the results of our mission is to realise that there is a method that supports all our actions and that fully accounts for the justification of our results.
Method means a map, guide, “modus operandi”, “workflow”, and manual of daily actions that ensure the fulfilment of actions.
The method makes business growth predictable. This is where we stop operating on probability and move on to predictability. A business that has a predictable method can not only measure its growth with maximum accuracy but also programme it!

5 – Scale

There is little or no point in having a business if you can’t ‘let go’ of it while it continues to grow. This is where the difference between BEING a business and HAVING a business comes in.
We must ensure that our activity, of whatever nature, is prepared to grow in scale while we enjoy a life we desire and truly deserve.
We must boldly and courageously design the guidelines for a business that is prepared to grow and that cannot stand still in time. It would be a huge scourge not to benefit from all the technological advances we have at our disposal that allow us to scale activities to a level never seen before.
The question that measures your level of scale with your activity is this: “What is the service or product you have that makes sales while you sleep?”

What to do next?

Religiously follow the PRIME method in the implementation, development and communication of our brand. In this way, we guarantee to build our reign so that you become a Millionaire!

Too much confusion?

Contact me and I’ll give you a hand 😃

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